•   5.65 kg
  • für Kinder im Alter von 3.5 – 6 Jahren
  • Hand gebürstetes Aluminium



The Early Rider Belter 16 Urban. Arguably our most rewarding bike as well as one of the hardest to develop. At a little over 5.5kgs the Belter sets the standard. It’s worth bearing in mind that every kilo on a 3 year olds’ bike is the equivalent of 4 or 5 on an adult bike. At 5kgs lighter than most 16″ bikes, that’s a big difference to a child.
It’s not just the weight however, everything is designed low rolling resistance. The high thread count high psi tyres, the cartridge bearing hubs and even bespoke full bearing aluminium pedals all play a part. But it is the belt drive that steals the show, a belt will never stretch like a chain, it’ll never be gunked up by dirt and grease and it will be as good the day your kid has finished with it as the day they first rode it and dad doesn’t have to worry about maintaining it.



 Antrieb  Riemenantrieb
Rahmen Aluminium
Gabel Aluminium
Räder 16 Zoll
Steuersatz gewindelos integriert
Lenker Aluminium
Lager gedichtetes Lager
 Bremse  Tektro, hinten V brake
Sattel genieteter Kunstledersattel
 Zahnrad  Aluminium
 Pedale  Early Rider custom pedals




Sitzhöhe 35cm-45cm
 Kurbellänge  105mm



Preis: 399€

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